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Core Values

Back to the Basics Tutoring aims to inspire and motivate children to excel academically through engaged and interactive learning by using new approaches to increase their focus and participation in a learning environment. To help develop the children’s needs and also build a partnership with parents, families, and communities to best help the children to build their progress and confidence in identified academic areas.



We believe that the imagination is where passion starts and the ability to change the world lives. That is why we foster an environment that brings out the creativity in the minds of our students and educators.


We believe that everyone deserves respect and we give it to our families and teach this skill to our students as well.

Continuous Learning

We believe that learning has no end and therefore our educators and students continue to challenge what we know and keep an open mind about what we don't.


We believe that every child deserves to learn regardless of their ability or difference. We are one family and we will not exclude or discriminate against anyone. In this family, everyone is important, supported and respected.


We believe that as things continue to change around us, so will our programs, services and processes to continue to meet the needs of those we serve.


We highly value honesty and transparency in our practices and procedures. We teach our students and educators that nothing has more value than the truth, even when it is not what others want. We promise to be truthful, ethical, accountable, dependable, respectful and consistent.


We believe it is our responsibility to serve our families being fully committed in mind, body and spirit. To trust us with such precious gifts is an honor and we give everything in all of time with you.


We believe it takes a village to raise a child. That is why we value partnership with our parents, families, communities and school districts in giving the best educational experience to those we serve. We thrive by teaching our students, educators and families the importance of teamwork.


We believe that failure is not the end, but a step in the right direction when we choose to never give up. We practice dismantling obstacles and using them to never take “no” for an answer and to complete what they start. We persevere together until we succeed

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