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The Power of Tutoring

Education is the key to success, but some children find it hard to achieve this for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include, but are not limited to, cognitive, reading, visual and learning disabilities. Other reasons can be due to environmental circumstances such as poverty, safety or an educator’s misinterpretation of learning styles. However, when passion and faith are the power sources behind tutoring, hope is restored and children are able to reach success in their educational career through Christ.

My name is Kiyana Mensah and I am the owner of Back to the Basics Tutoring. We are a company that offers specialized tutoring to children who may be struggling in their academic careers and need help closing achievement gaps. What makes our company special is we use games, technology, free-play and free-movement to provide a more modern approach to education. We believe that faith, passion and inclusion is the key to our success.

We also believe that every child deserves to learn at the right time and right pace for them. We welcome children who may have special needs because with the correct approach, a child can learn. We have helped children learn to read, increase their test scores, develop leadership skills and offer mentoring at the same time.

This business is a ministry that God himself has blessed. We take pride in knowing that God’s spirit is the source of the passion and the faith of the owner is the driving force. Tutoring is helping children excel in areas that they least expected.

In fact, our company has helped students during one of the most critical times -Covid-19.

During the quarantine, we helped families stay on track with the transition to virtual learning and also advocate for Individual Educational

Plans (IEPs).

This was to help prevent retention and aid families in getting services that would prepare their child for future education, employment and independent living. We also provided educational consulting and tutoring. Now, all this may sound fancy, but the real question is -how did it affect the children?

Well, let me tell you this, they were happy. The power of tutoring not only helped with their academics, but it gave them a sense of peace during the chaos of a global pandemic. It gave them an opportunity to feel some type of normalcy. The favorite of most was the bedtime stories we read on Friday evenings. This time was used to end their week with a positive note and remind them that they could count on us, even when they didn't

know they needed someone to rely on.

The power of tutoring is bigger than solving an equation. It is teaching the fruits of the spirit when no one is watching. It is comforting when life just doesn't make sense. It is reminding you how special you are even after everyone else gave up. It is the listening ear for parents during the most frustrating times. More importantly, it is God’s will for the success of his children.

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