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Notification of Bible Teaching



Through engaged and interactive learning, Back to the Basics Tutoring LLC aims to help increase the knowledge of basic foundational concepts


Back to the Basics Tutoring LLC aims to inspire and motivate children to excel academically through engaged and interactive learning by using new approaches to increase their focus and participation in a learning environment. To help develop the children's needs and also build a partnership with parents, families, and communities to best help the children to build their progress and confidence in identified academic areas.

I understand that this tutoring program is Christian-based and I was made aware by Back to the Basics Tutoring LLC of such. I also understand that my child may be receiving bible lessons as part of the tutoring program. I am aware that the main focus of the bible lessons is Jesus Christ and God and his dying on the cross for our sins. I am also aware that my child may be given and explained Christan principles. I understand that I or my child do not have to have the same faith or belief to receive the tutoring services; however, I understand that if the lessons are given to each child, it will be done as a scheduled activity of the program.

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